STH Water Treatment offers effective water softening solutions 

• Water softeners are installed on cold water pipes. They act on the physical-chemical composition of the water, by reducing the calcium and magnesium concentrations that cause scaling.

• Water to be softened flows through ion exchange resins (strong cationic resins) that change the calcium and/or magnesium into sodium. When the water leaves the appliance, it is no longer subject to scaling and has thus become ''soft''. 

• Their objective is to provide maximum protection against scaling in pipes and appliances. As the water flows through, the resins become saturated with calcium and magnesium. Regeneration is then necessary to recharge the resins with sodium ions, from a sodium chloride or brine (salt and water) solution, which the softener gets from the salt box. 


Regeneration is activated automatically, during the night, by the automatic system in the softener hydraulic head.

There are two regeneration methods:

• By monitoring volumes consumed (volumetric mode).
• By monitoring elapsed time (time mode).