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Easy, Fast, and Versatile

Designed to cover a wide range of applications and types of constructions, our connection systems help to realize a perfect installation, independently of the technical requirements. Our systems are fast, safe and easy to install, saving time and money

Hydraulic Balancing, precise regulation

The precise and intuitive adjustment of the valves guarantees optimal regulation and ensures real energy savings.

Balancing valve

Unbalanced configuration

Configuration with balanced

Hydraulic unit with pump for double circuit installations.

Safety groups to protect the boiler or the hot water tank.

Connection systems, control and multilayer pipes, PB and PE-X for heating and SHW installations.

Heating solutions for underfloor heating/cooling.

Valves and thermostatic heads for hot water radiators.

Cabinets and gas systems.

Bathroom and kitchen faucets.

Viveo, kitchen water quality unit.

Ikansas, hidden domestic closure system.