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Valves, Systems and Connections

Experience, quality and prestige

The range shown below is based on the design and manufacture of high quality, functional, high-skill products with the latest and most advanced technology for the plumbing industry.

Since we manufactured the first check valve, we permanently continue investing in the development of new products and the improvement of our existing products, for the benefit of our customers. Working every day to maintain a position as a leader in the market and offer real answers to the needs of current and future customers.

Connections and systems

Designed to cover a wide range of applications and types of constructions, our connection systems will help you to perform a perfect installation, regardless of the technical requirements. Our systems are fast, safe, and easy to install, saving time and money.

Manifolds and Junction Boxes

The collectors allow the parallel supply of all points, which leads to balancing the installation with cold and hot water. The junction boxes maintain the housing and ensure the connection of the pipe. They allow easy access to the pipe and fitting, without damaging the wall.


STH offers a complete selection of valves and equipment for use in drinking water, hot water, compressed air networks, and hydraulic and pneumatic systems.