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A hydraulic safety unit protects the hot water heater or accumulator against the risk of explosion due to overpressure. The integrated safety valve automatically releases the water until the pressure falls below the nominal value. The non-return valve prevents contamination of the cold water supply by the return of hot water. The emptying of the installation is done by manually activating the valve in the direction of the arrows.

The installation of a safety group is mandatory in any hot water heater by accumulation. The siphon assembly is recommended.


  • Comply with the requirements of the NF EN 1487 standard.
  • 3 stable positions of the emptying knob: closed, slightly open, and completely open.
  • The drip system and fitting with the air intake are made of technical polymers that are not very sensitive to calcification.
  • Incorporates non-return valves (depending on model).
  • Indicative colors: Black for the control elements reserved for professionals. White for the evacuation elements and Red for the components accessible to the user.